Getting to know Buffalo Rock at Strawhouse Resorts

Buffalo Rock on the Trinity River at Strawhouse Resorts

Introduction to Buffalo Rock

Buffalo Rock – he’s a staple here at Strawhouse Resorts.  He faces upriver looking towards Fishtail rapids while he stands proudly in the rushing Trinity River.  This day in January his nose is just under the waterline, and his tail is just tickling the surface.  He graces the Trinity River at Strawhouse Resorts, and is a great gauge to whether or not the river is rising or lowering by what Buffalo parts are showing.

Here Buffalo Rock ushers in Spring in all it’s splendor on a glorious day in April 2016:

Buffalo Rock Beyond the Yellow Irises

Fun fact:   Yellow irises symbolize passion (, and here at Strawhouse we are passionate about making sure our customers have the best experience ever!

…and if you would like to see his massive shoulders and tiny tail better, here you go:

He is also a fun jumping rock for our guests (this fun bunch was part of a retreat here at Strawhouse Resorts):

Can you picture yourself sitting in one of these chairs sharing a moment with Buffalo Rock?!!  Click here to make it happen!

Relaxing on the Trinity River at Strawhouse Resorts