Order Strawhouse Organic Coffee

Order Strawhouse Organic Coffee

We Roast Delicious, Organic Coffee Right Here in our Venue

At Strawhouse, organic coffee has been our specialty for over a decade, and we are proud to introduce our full selection of delicious roasts. In addition to completely organic coffee, many of our products are fair-trade, shade-grown, and even bird-friendly. Our roasters focus on creating a high-quality product in order to bring out the distinct qualities of each coffee variety. Their philosophy is to have the roast support the bean, not the other way around.

In order to bring our customers the freshest coffee possible, we roast weekly onsite. Beyond our commitment to creating delicious organic coffee, we have several national affiliates. Some of our partnerships include the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America), CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers), and NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business).

COFFEE WITH A CAUSE:  With every purchase you make, you are making a difference (thank you)!  For every pound of coffee sold, Strawhouse will donate $3 to our Down River Volunteer Fire Department (DRVFD).  They have a long list of needs and are so important to our community.  Every pound purchased helps them accomplish their goals to keep our community safe and be able to respond to emergencies as needed.  Thank you for helping those who give of themselves so willingly.

Below, you will find our full selection of organic coffee roasts. Check back to learn more about our latest products, and place your order online today. To learn more about our organic coffee, contact us today!

Shipping Rates (ships USPS Priority Mail):
1 to 2 lbs. – $8.00
3 to 6 lbs. – $14.50

Organic Espresso CoffeeEspresso Trinity – $16

A blend of three medium roasted beans. Bright and full of life with a rich, lingering aftertaste.  Notes of cinnamon, vanilla and dusty cocoa.
USD $16 for 16 ounces – Certified Organic by CCOF

Guatemalan – $16

Light roast with apricot, fig and sweet cream notes.  Light in color with a sweet finish.
USD $16 for 16 ounces – Certified Organic by CCOF

Strawhouse Blend – $16

A blend of medium and dark roasted beans.  Earthy with notes of toffee, raisin and tropical fruit. Very smooth.
USD $16 for 16 ounces – Certified Organic by CCOF

Morning Blend – $16

A blend of two great beans brought to the edge of a french roast.  Full-bodied and rich in flavor with hints of sage, seared rib-eye and vanilla.
USD $16 for 16 ounces – Certified Organic by CCOF

Swiss Water Decaf Morning Blend – $16

Dark roast.  Earthy and rich with notes of cacao, orange peel, and sage with a smooth finish.  A full-bodied coffee that works great for an espresso.  Sure to turn anyone into a decaf lover!
USD $16 for 16 ounces – Certified Organic by CCOF

Nicaraguan – $16

Dark Roast.  Well rounded with notes of thyme, vanilla, cocoa, dried orange peel and toasted cane sugar.
USD $16 for 16 ounces – Certified Organic by CCOF

Ethiopian – $16

Medium Roast. Notes of stone fruit, vanilla flower, and cinnamon bark with a creamy finish.
USD $16 for 16 ounces – Certified Organic by CCOF


Sumatran – $16

Light Roast.  Notes of dried citrus, herbs, and macadamia nuts with a bright, yet mellow finish.
USD $16 for 16 ounces – Certified Organic by CCOF


Peruvian – $16

Medium-Dark Roast.  Medium acidity with notes of chocolate, caramel, vanilla and green apple.
USD $16 for 16 ounces – Certified Organic by CCOF


Rwandan – $16

Medium roast. The nose has hints of spice and is slightly floral. The body is well-balanced with a grapefruit and vanilla finish. Not only do you get a great cup of coffee, you support a worthy cause.  Check it out at www.coffeecan.org!
USD $16 for 16 ounces – Processed Organic

You can also purchase our coffee, or find our coffee served, at the following fine establishments:

Trinity County

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