3 Reasons a Cottage Stay Is the Perfect Getaway Right Now

Cottage Vacation Rentals in Trinity Alps, CA

Everybody needs a vacation every so often. Taking extended breaks from your day-to-day life helps you unwind, refocus on your health and wellness, reconnect with loved ones, and make cherished memories.

With so many places to go and things to do in the world, it can be difficult to plan something with the right balance of fun and rejuvenation. One option that is often underrated and overlooked is a stay at a cottage vacation rental, like the ones we offer at Strawhouse Resorts on the banks of the Trinity River!

Here are a few great reasons why you should consider booking a cottage getaway right now:

1) Escape from your busy city life.

Your daily responsibilities and the “go go go” atmosphere of a city or even a busy suburb can really take their toll on your mental and physical health. A cottage stay is a chance to de-stress, relax, and reenergize in a homey environment surrounded by calming nature. Whether you’re looking for some serene alone time, a romantic getaway, or a fun family vacation, a cottage has a lot to offer.

2) You can stay in or go out.

Sometimes, vacations can be exhausting. Often when you’re traveling, you feel like you have to explore everything in order to make the most of your time away. When you choose to go for a cottage retreat, there’s no pressure to hit every tourist attraction in sight. If you feel like having a fun adventure, there will be plenty of activities to do and gorgeous places to see in the surrounding area. But, if you’d rather lay out in the sun with a good book or have a family board game competition, you’re in the perfect spot to do that too.

3) Cottages are family-friendly.

It can be a challenge to plan a vacation that’s safe and enjoyable for the whole family. The great thing about staying at a cottage is that there’s plenty of room and options to spread out and do your own thing or hang out together. You’ll be able to find a lot of kid-friendly things to do, as well as some adult activities and experiences that are ideal for children and parents alike.

If you’re looking for a getaway that the whole family will love, Strawhouse Resorts has you covered.

Our spacious homes and comfortable cottages are equipped with everything you need to hole up or go exploring and spend your vacation doing whatever your heart desires. Since all of our accommodations are self-check-in and out, you won’t even have to interact with anyone outside of your group if you choose not to! With a gorgeous waterfront view, plenty of fun adventures at your fingertips, and first-class services from our resort, there will be no shortage of precious memories to make with us.

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